Fresh Angeles: So This Is Six

So This Is Six

August 28th is always a big day for us. It's my oldest sister, Tracey Clark's birthday.
It also happens to be my youngest daughter's birthday. Yes, I had my daughter on my sister's birthday - crazy I know. This August 28th was my daughter's sixth birthday, AND her first day of school. It was her first day of kindergarten. You may think - wait, didn't she go to Kindergarten last year? You would be right. My daughter is repeating Kindergarten this year. (more on that later) For now, here are some of her favorite (and least favorite) things.

Likes: Disneyland, Cotton Candy Ice Cream, Pet fish Blu Gru, Pizza, Math, Teen Beach Movie on Disney Channel, Cooking, Halloween Decorations, Meerkats, Holidays, Unicorns, Art, Staying Up Late, Flowers, Looking at Pinterest, Skylanders, Watermelon.

Dislikes: Zombies, Spiders, Going to bed, Darkness, Chocolate, Socks, Homework, Someone else picking out her clothes.

So this is what six looks like

"Mom for my 10th Birthday, I want to move to New York." - Kaia Rae, 6