Fresh Angeles: PicMonkey Photo Contest for Halloween

PicMonkey Photo Contest for Halloween

I love the simplicity of online photo editing. I have a secret weapon that's like photoshop but easier. Since PicMonkey came into my life I have been one happy blogger. I use PicMonkey almost daily to work on graphics for all of my blogs. It's easy AND a lot of the features are free. It makes the coolest collages and best graphics. TRUE STORY! 
Then I found out about this PicMonkey Contest, with a chance to win a free year's membership to the site.
Check out the scary selfie photo that I designed with the app of myself. Crazy right?
I have attached some rules below from the people at I'd love to see what you can come up with. Good Luck!

How to Enter
Open your photo in PicMonkey, using the “Edit a photo” button at the top. Click on the Themes tab (the pumpkin icon at the bottom of the left column). Add all the overlays, textures, and effects you think will make your photo a contender! When you’re finished with your makeover, share it on one or more of the social sites mentioned below, and be sure you use #PicMonkeyBOO to tag your photo or post. 

They’ll be looking for you on:
* Twitter * Facebook * Pinterest * Instagram * Tumblr * Muzy * WeHeartIt * Flickr * Google Plus *
All photos must be created and shared before 11:59pm PST on October 22th, 2013. You must exclusively use PicMonkey to edit your photo to qualify, and you need to use the hashtag #PicMonkeyBOO, so we can find you!
The winners will be announced on October 28th, 2013.

Who will win?

We’ll be looking for the most creative Halloween pictures in three categories: scary, cute, and funny. Each category will have one winner. All the winners will receive a free year of PicMonkey Royale premium membership.
Hashtag your photos, friends! It’s #PicMonkeyBOO. And, most importantly, have fun!
* If you are posting to Facebook, your privacy settings will affect whether or not we can find your image!  If your FB page is set so only your friends can see your photos, we definitely won’t be able to find it. So you can either change your privacy settings for the duration of the contest, or choose another way to share your photo (see the list above).

Disclosure: I received a free month of the Royale Membership to help facilitate this post and create my photo. All opinions are 100% mine and 100% fresh!

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