Fresh Angeles: About Me

About Me

Hi Friends... 
I'm Jessica New Fuselier and I'm so happy you're here!
Here's a little bit about my story.
I grew up the youngest of 3 sisters in the San Fernando Valley. (Burbank, CA to be exact) So basically I grew up with 3 mothers. Sounds like a hoot, right? Riiiiiiiight! You may have heard of them: Do the names Tracey Clark and Becky Silke... Ring any bells? How about Shutter Sisters and HappyHourMom?

A somewhat typical valley girl I liked to sing, dance, perform and was a Cheerleader throughout High School. (Go Big Red) After I graduated, I dabbled in college a little bit until I decided to jump right into the "Real World" & work. (What was I thinking?)

At that time I met the "college football playing frat boy" love of my life, (at the wise old age of 21) and was shocked when I found out that he had 3 kids under 5! Funny the fairytale never mentioned that, Prince Charming was already a Daddy? But with our naive "Love is all that matters" motto, we rode off into the sunset, and have been walking hand-in-hand ever since. Except for the days when we can't stand each other, we aren't holding hands on those days.

For the past 10 years I have been working in the entertainment industry doing everything from Celebrities Laundry to Production Jobs; Executive Assisting to most recently Associate Producing for Reality TV Shows. (I can run someone else's life like nobody's business, but my own is a wee bit harder.)

My world got even more complicated when I had a child of my own. My girl came into my life on August 28, 2007, and has completely thrown me off of my game. Gosh being a Mom is SO much harder than I could have EVER imagined, especially the no sleep part. Holy Cow! (breastfeeding jokes aside)

So here I am, balancing my double life of working with wrap parties, singing on TV shows, red carpets... Being a yes girl. With the motherhood side of nursing, playdates, tantrums, and saying no every other minute. Are you as confused as I am? Whew!

When I have some time between being a coaches wife, trying to learn to throw a perfect spiral with 2 college football players, texting back and forth with a high school senior and trying to tame a wild 1st grader, I blog about this crazy LA life.

I was born and raised in LOS ANGELES. I truly believe that living in Southern California is the best! And I have always liked the word FRESH, it's so Kool and the Gang Old School. I saw a Billboard poster one day with the term Fresh Angeles, I think it was an ad for cheese or something. 
                                                         I took this exact photo of it:

Came home and checked to see if was taken. It was not...
So FRESH ANGELES was born!