Fresh Angeles: Cavalia Odysseo Gallops into Burbank for a Limited Time

Friday, March 08, 2013

Cavalia Odysseo Gallops into Burbank for a Limited Time

"What do horses dream about? The same thing we do: Freedom."

From the moment we knew Cavalia was coming back to Burbank, my husband had been asking me if I thought that we would be invited to a media preview. Every now and then (not often) he is even more excited than I am about a certain show, product or event. Cavalia is THAT show. We were fortunate enough to see it last year and it blew us away. We were even more fortunate to have had a date night, and no date night since has even come close. So when the invite showed up in my inbox to a new show Odysseo, I didn't even have to ask if he wanted to go see the show. It was a guaranteed yes!

This time we decided to bring our youngest daughter with us to experience. While we were trying to explain the "horse show" to her by using words like amazing, magical, awesome, I could tell she wasn't sure what to expect, and this child is one who can be skeptical of trying new things. At one point before we left she said to me, "I don't like horses, I'm allergic to horses." Really dude? Allergic? (Where do they get this stuff?) But once she saw the big white tents (which you can see from miles away) she started getting excited. Apparently she grew out of the whole horse allergy thing pretty quick. 

The lights dimmed, the horses came out and she was in awe from the start. We were sitting only 5 rows back from the stage, which gave us an amazing up-close view of everything that was happening. The music was really ethereal, and almost hypnotic. The set was incredible and I kept feeling like I was in Oz. It definitely has a cirque type feel to it, just with horses. 

What's so unique about Cavalia is that it gives you a chance to see horses in a way that unless you are an equestrian, you would never get to see. They are running wild with their hair flowing. God how I just want to brush their hair. I especially love the "horse girl" as I like to call her who at one point worked alone for like 20 minutes with a group of ponies. Every guy in the place had an instant crush on her. Heck I think all of the girls had a crush on her too. (blonde bottom left)

But the show is not all horse. There are "human" performances too. There is a band of African brothers that stole the show. They flipped. They flopped. They made human pyramids. (Reminded me of my old cheerleading days) They sang, danced and chanted. I must also mention that there is an incredible part in the show where a huge carrousel get lowered down from the ceiling. Yes the ceiling! Then the acrobats do things on the poles that will boggle your mind. Holding themselves completely vertical while the carrousel spins round and round. It was my favorite part, I think.

Right before the show ends they fill the stage with water and the the horse prance, trot, gallop and run through the water. The whole cast does. Needless to say they got a standing ovation from the crowd, except from me. Oh don't get me wrong, I would have stood but I had a newly converted horse-lover asleep on my lap.

Cavalia Odysseo runs in Burbank, CA (my hometown) from now until March 24th. GO SEE IT!!! Hopefully I will get to go again, as my 85 year old grandmother is dying to see it!

Here's how to get your own tickets and see the beauty for yourself:
Buy Tickets ONLINE
or call the Toll-Free Number: 1-866-999-8111 everyday from 9am to 10pm
Prices range from $34.50 to $159.50

Fresh Mom Tips: I HIGHLY recommend seeing Cavalia: Odyesso. My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed it. However I warn about taking younger children to the weeknight (school night) performance at 8pm. My 5 year old was asleep by intermission. Looking around at the other wee ones it was definitely a late night for the 7 and under crowd. They have snacks and alcohol for sale (whee) along with a concession stand that sells all sorts of Odysseo swag.

Disclosure: My family was invited to Opening Night for a Media Preview to this incredible show. (Special thanks to David, Tim, Peter, and Andy.) All thoughts are 100% mine and 100% fresh. 

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