Fresh Angeles: Farewell Friends

Farewell Friends

The other party we went to this weekend was for my daughter. We have decided to take her out of preschool. Our financial situation has been drastically affected by the recession. Trying to make it on one salary is very difficult. And the extra cost of her school is no longer feasible for us right now. We have made many friends the past 15 months at her school. Her classmates (and their parents) decided to throw her a going away party. So sweet of them! It was also another chance for us to get together, and get the kids together outside of school. It was very bittersweet. We haven't talked to my daughter about this new change yet. She is still a little young to process it all.  I'm sure she will enjoy staying home with Daddy for awhile. But we will miss them all very much!


bernbabybern said...

Tear. =0( Well we'll just have to set up more playdates with Ms. KR while her calendar is a little open. Addison Cuties unite! =0)

Sommer said...

She is such a doll!!! So nice of her class to have a goodbye party for her! That cake looks so yummy. My daughter would love that with all the fruits on top....she probably would have 'taste-tested' it before everyone hours prior as she did her own b-day cake!

Cara said...

That is just so sweet that they threw her a party like that. What a great bunch of friends!

traceyclark said...


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