Fresh Angeles: Goodbye Old Gal

Goodbye Old Gal

We had two "going away" parties this weekend. They were both heartwarming, and filled with emotion. But they were for 2 different reasons. Each difficult in their own way...
Saying Goodbye is never easy.

The first party was a Life Celebration and Memorial for Lorraine Boies. She lived a long, full life, so instead of doing the typical funeral service. Her daughter threw a party, in her honor. It was very special, a wonderful day, and just what Lorraine would have wanted. I have worked for Lorraine's family for many years now. I have spent a lot of time with her in the last 10 years of her life. I got to know her, and she had become a colorful part of my life. I will miss her.



traceyclark said...

lovely tribute jessie. xo

Sommer said...

Gorgeous photos! She sounded like a great person- I'd prefer a party rather than a normal funeral service, too. I am sure she is so proud of her daughter.