Fresh Angeles: I Heart Faces: Smirk

I Heart Faces: Smirk

The i heart faces challenge this week is: SMIRK
Sometimes I struggle with the weekly themes, but this one was easy. 
My youngest is "Queen of the Smirks." (as you can plainly see)


Rox said...

Look at that gorgeous hair! She is beautiful... especially with the smirk! ;)

P.s Im following you too...

Brandi said...

Lovely! She is def. smirking! :)

Sommer said...

She's sooooo gorgeous!! Not only does my daughter have the same curls, she also has that same dress! Sisters from another mother ;)

MPE by Irela said...

Absolutely adorable...great smirk.

Jess said...

Now THAT is a smirk! Gorgeous catchlights too.

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