Fresh Angeles: My 1st Mom Blog Monday - Booyah

My 1st Mom Blog Monday - Booyah

Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums

It's Monday... And I'm a Mom. Who happens to have a Blog. 
What better reason for me to link up for the Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop 

Hi Buddy. It's nice to meet ya! My name's Jessica. I turned 34 yesterday. (Ouch) 
I have a husband. 3 Stepkids. 1 bio kid. And a Chihuahua. (A Fab Family)
Oh & I'm a DISNEY Freak. (Does that make me Creepy?)
I'm so honored to have you. Let's follow each other & be virtual friends. I've made a lot of quality connections online & there's nothing I like more than supporting woman, mamas & bloggers in their lives!

PS: Special thanks to Here Comes The Sun for introducing me to this Monday Funday thing to do.

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