Fresh Angeles: Flashback Friday: At The Park

Flashback Friday: At The Park

I'm gonna try something new. I'd like to introduce Flashback Fridays to Fresh Angeles.
On Fridays I will be posting photos from the past. My childhood, my pre-baby days & Kaia's baby pictures. You know, the old school stuff. (Logo, Banners & Buttons to follow)

Since I didn't blog that much when Kaia was a baby, (I was in a mommy fog to say the least) I missed out on posting some cute photos of my girl. So I thought I'd make my first Flashback Friday when she was almost a year old. Just a day in the park. Oh how I miss that little face. And that little body. And that  little voice. And that little smile. Sigh...

I hope you will play along... It's gonna be fun, and full of old memories. Awesomeness.

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