Fresh Angeles: Target And Easter

Target And Easter

We love Target. We shop there at least once a week. But it's usually more like 3-4 times. It's one of the places in this town that is open past 10pm. Our local store is open til 11pm, Thank God! And you know how my child doesn't sleep and all. So after the mall closes, if Kaia is still wide awake (happens more often than not) we hop on over to Target, and do some shopping, playing, browsing, hanging out. 

My daughter loves the place with the big bullseye, almost as much as me. Except during any holiday season, then she loves it more then me. She is really getting into doing some shopping of her own. She likes to tell me what to put in the cart, what to take out of the cart, etc. 

She was having a blast the other night. She picked out her own Easter basket. Then she proceeded to fill the basket with all sorts of different candy and toys that appealed to her. Let me say, she picked quite a nice selection. But that wasn't all, according to her all of the bunnies and duckies were "hungry" and she was just the one to feed them. She lined them up, (her fav thing to do) and gave each of them their own easter treat. And I think they were happy...

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