Fresh Angeles: My Razor Playdate

My Razor Playdate

Recently, my sister let me tag along with her to a fun family event. It was a Razor Play Date hosted by Momfluential. I had never met Ciaran face-to-face and was thrilled to be able to attend. Plus my 3 older kids have had Razor products on their Birthday and Holiday wish lists for the past 10 years. So I was excited to learn about their sweet new rides. 
Me and my "Hair Twin" Ciaran aka Momfluential
Here's my son riding a RipStik. We bought him one for his Birthday a year or two ago, and he stills loves it. He likes it better than a skateboard, thinks it's easier to ride and gives him more flexibility. 


Another new product is the Sole Skate. I think one of the best features of the Sole Skate is the size. Being this small, the kids can throw it in their backpacks, or sports bags, then take it out and ride it after school or practice. It's very portable which makes it a go-to for any occassion.


One of the coolest electric ride-ons that Razor has is the Ground Force Drifter. They say it's Super Fast, Super Furious, Super Fun. This go-kart steel car goes up to 12mph, can drift, do 180s & throw fishtails.

Check out my son and my nephew riding the PowerWing. It's like a grown-up three wheeler. You've just gotta move your body from side to side, and it does the rest. They also have a pink girlie version, called the Sweet Pea PowerWing.



With Christmas / Hanukkah coming up, there are some really great products that Razor has to choose from depending on the age and skill level of your child. Then again, one of these products is probably on your kids lists this year. Great thing about these products is that they last, my kids still have some of the original scooters from years ago, and they still ride them. They just want to upgrade every year and now they have been asking for the E300 Electric Scooter, it travels up to 15 mph, they have the need for speed!

If your family are fans like we are:
Follow @RazorUSA on TWITTER
Like them on FACEBOOK
Check out their official YOUTUBE channel, my kids favorite.
They also have an iPhone Game App. It's called Razor Ultra Pro Rider and it's FREE.

Special Thank you to Ciaran for hosting such a fun event. It's nice to be able to get outside with your family and juts PLAY. Also thank you to Sheena, Razor's PR rep for being such an awesome person to work with! It was so great meeting both of you.
I Loves Me Some RAZOR! lol.
(Disclosure: I was not paid or compensated for this post. I was invited to a Private Razor Event and did receive a 10th Anniversary Scooter.)