Fresh Angeles: Holiday Tradition at Sheridan Gardens

Holiday Tradition at Sheridan Gardens

I grew up in Burbank, CA. It always had that small town feel to me, even though it's considered a part of LA County, and right next door to Hollywood. My mom and Grandma still live there, so we are there a lot. Sometimes just to hang out, and sometimes to go to the local Burbank events and activities. We have a bunch of traditions, and family things that we still do together every year. A number of those special things happen during the holidays.
One of the things we've enjoyed for as long as I can remember is going to SHERIDAN GARDENS for their annual Holiday Open House. Sheridan Gardens is a small nursery located on Hollywood Way, by the studios. It's filled with flowers, plants and gifts for most of the year. But when November comes around it turns into a winter wonderland. Seriously, this is what I picture Santa Claus' house to look like. Sometime around the first weekend in November they have a Holiday Open House. It's a great place to go and get in a festive mood. They serve cookies and warm apple cider and play christmas music. It's stunning to see how they decorate inside, and I look forward to it every year. My sisters usually drive up, and, schedules permitting, we all go together.
This year was the first year I brought my daughter with me to share in the Christmas spirit. She is three now, and I felt she would probably be able to act like a civilized human being. Hopefully not break anything, and allow me to enjoy myself too. If all else failed, I thought I could bribe her with cookies if need be. Well I'm happy to report she did fantastic, juts like I hoped. She loved it. She looked at every ornament, every light, every decoration was in awe, exactly like her mother. She even made a friend. They had a giant, life-sized reindeer that looked real. She fell in love and asked if we could take it home. I had to decline, but told her we could come back to visit him again. She did get a little frustrated with me when I told her she couldn't ride it though.
It was a magical night and a great way to put us all into the holiday mood. If you live anywhere locally in LA, you should definitely stop in and see these beautiful things. They have many one-of-a-kind items to give as gifts, vintage and old fashioned treasures. The people who work there are just lovely, it's a family owned business who cares about their customers. You might just make it a tradition in your family too.

Sheridan Gardens * 817 N. Hollywood Way * Burbank, CA 91505 * (818) 841-8845
Visit their WEBSITE
All of the photos in this post were taken with the Hipstamatic App on my iPhone. Oooh Christmasy!


Anonymous said...

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

Sommer said...

wow how fun!!! my children would most certainly enjoy this as well!

Dagmar said...

I used to live in Burbank, LOVED it! Except for the earthquake, that wasn't fun for weeks (aftershocks).

I still miss the Toluca Lake Starbucks! I hung out there, reading and writing, every day for years. That whole crew saw me during my pregnancy and then with baby in tow every day :) And I got all my moving boxes from them for free before our move to NY.

Dagmar's momsense

Anonymous said...

I love Christmas. I love tradition. I love Sheridan Gardens. I love you.

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