Fresh Angeles: Play Ball!

Play Ball!

Spring for our family is filled with many things...
One of the main ones is BASEBALL!!
Opening Day, Batting Practices, Sunflower Seeds, Spring Training, One..Two..Three.. Strikes Your Out, etc.
We spend countless hours every spring at the baseball field. Much like how every fall you will find us on the football field.

Sometimes we get a little, you could say, restless. Time for a Photo Challenge!!

After seeing THIS POST...
That was inspired by THIS PERSON...

I thought I'd give the old Duet Photography thing a try. To spice up our time spent at the Chatsworth Junior Baseball League.

These first two shots are by my step-daughter. (Age: 11)

These last two were shot by me. (Age: Old)

All of this is what happens...

*I know that I am supposed to post them as a diptych (two photographs paired together) & side-by-side...
But I don't have that part down just yet, bare with me! : )

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