Fresh Angeles: The Audacity of HOPE

The Audacity of HOPE

So many things happened to me yesterday that were a first.

*I stayed up all night long, the night before the Presidential Inauguration out of pure excitement.
*I turned the TV on at 5am & was glued to it for the rest of the day.
*I was so nervous for the Obamas that I had butterflies.
*I actually felt sorry for Bush.
*I fell in LOVE with the entire first family.
*I saw a man of color become President.
*I felt that middle America was finally heard, & is now running the show.
*I thought to myself, the President is kinda hot. (uh-oh, that's what Monica thought about Bill...LOL)
*I am thrilled with our President, and know that he is the best person for the job.
*I trust his decisions and I feel he has the country's best interest at heart.
*I am overwhelmed, overjoyed & overcome with emotions about this new journey our country & the entire world is about to embark on.

Those are things that for the last 8 years.... Well more like the past 30 years I didn't think were possible.

Growing up, my mom would always tell me stories of how different America was when JFK was the President. I would fantasize about having another President that was for the people, truly for the people but couldn't really imagine it.
But now I understand.
What it is to be united.
Brought together by our commander in chief.
Inspired by his leadership.
In agreement with his ideals.
Full of hope for the future of America.
Ready to follow a man on a mission to rebuild this great nation!