Fresh Angeles: Best Shot Monday: Tracey Clark - One To Watch!

Best Shot Monday: Tracey Clark - One To Watch!

Here's Tracey giving a lesson in holiday photographs to a captivated audience.

Watching someone you LOVE in their element is a good feeling.
Watching someone you LOVE succeeding in their element is a great feeling.

This week my BEST SHOT MONDAY isn't really about the actual picture that I took.
But it is about what's in the picture & what it means to me that makes it MY BEST.

You know those articles in the popular magazines, that have the section "Artist On The Verge"
or "One To Watch" or "Rising Starlet."
Well today I am writing one of those posts about my sister, TRACEY CLARK.
She is a rising star, on the verge, whom you should be watching.
She is a photographer, published author, mom blogger, and she is about to hit the big time.
We always knew she would. She's too talented, creative and driven not to.
She's got "IT". Whatever that "IT" factor is. She's definitely got "IT".

She's going to be on OPRAH!
And everyone knows that once you're on OPRAH, you have truly "MADE IT"! LOL...
I am very proud of her, nervous for her, ecstatic for her, etc. for her....
When something BIG happens to one sister, it happens to all the sisters!
She had a hand in helping to raise me....
And now, after years of being on the grind, she is about to have a well deserved, amazing life moment!

Growing up, I always thought she was the coolest girl I knew.
Now a million other people in the world will think so too!


Anonymous said...

While I am only watching from the bloggie sidelines, I love to see someone achieving their dream... you are right on the money about the IT!

tracey clark said...

jay, i love this shot from the other night! thank you for sharing it and for all the KIND words. i'm blushing. and i love you.

Joanna said...

What a talented family you all are! And so lucky to have sisters who love and support each other. Its so nice to hear your love for each other.

Christina said...

So totally cool an awesome!

Phyllis Sommer said...

how awesome. what a cool thing!!!!!!

Becky SIlke said...

Very sweet words jay.
The HP party was very fun, I'm glad you had your camera!