Fresh Angeles: The Tinkerbell Movie Comes Out Today!!

The Tinkerbell Movie Comes Out Today!!

I'm so excited!!
I just picked up our very own copy of TINKERBELL the movie.
It came out on DVD today.
We didn't get to go see it, while it was in the theaters, so I can't wait to watch it!!
I'm sure Taylar and Kaia will love it for years to come.
OKaY, I'm sure I will LOVE it for years to come too!
I rushed right over to Target and got it for the discount price of $15.99.
I also bought one for my friend's daughter whose is turning one this weekend.
And even more fun, is she's having a TINKERBELL/Fairy party too!
I also got her a TINKERBELL backpack from the Disney store. (on sale for $8 bucks)

So all you Friends of Fairies out there, go pick up your copy of
TINKERBELL the movie today!
I promise you if you do, magical things will happen!! : )