Fresh Angeles: The Love Between Siblings

The Love Between Siblings


I always wanted to have a BIG family.
Growing up I had 2 older sisters & I often wished that I had atleast a couple more siblings.
I really liked the balance of 5 children in The Cosby Show.
So when I first started dating my husband & he had 3 children already from a previous relationship it didn't scare me off.
I saw it as a challenge & a challenge it was. I also saw it as a head start on getting to my ultimate goal of 5 kids! LOL...

Now 10 years later, after raising the first 3 together we just had our first child. (a little over a year ago)
And everyday I think of how lucky my daughter is to have her older brothers & sister.
She worships them the way I used to with my sisters, Tracey & Becky.
Like they are the coolest people on the planet! Everything they say & do is hysterical to her, very entertaining!
She cries when they leave her & she is always one step right behind them watching their every move....
She LOVES them to the deepest depth of her little heart & that LOVE will only grow over the years!
It is a LOVE like no other, the LOVE between siblings.

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ELK said...

Jessica ~how lovely this photo is and what happy looking smiles ~

Anonymous said...

Sibling love is so sweet! Happy LT!

Mom101 said...

I hope those kids know how lucky they are to have you - I can feel the love through the camera lens.

Thanks for stopping by my place!

Anonymous said...

nothing beats a big family. the best.

thekreativelife said...

This is such a lovely photo! You can just "feel" the love these kids have for each other.

Shalet said...

Getting all kids smiling at once is a miracle in and of itself!

tracey clark said...

what a great photo jay! hello christmas card!