Fresh Angeles: Non-Slip Clips for Baby

Non-Slip Clips for Baby

When you have a lot of hair, you are bound to run into bad hair days.
When your baby has a lot of hair, (and mine does) bad hair days take on a whole new meaning!

But thanks to the gift my sister Tracey, just gave me, (The Non-Slip Hair Clip by Maiden America),
I laugh in the face of my 9 month old's worst bed-head!
Those of you with bald babies, have NO idea! LOL....

Look at how cute & stylish they make Kaia look!! (See for yourself, below)
Even Honey, the chihuahua can't deny the fashion statement she's making!!

And no need fixing them every five minutes like some other clips that we have!
(And Thanks to Daddy for the gorgeous curls!!)