Fresh Angeles: Helicopter Tour at Discovery Cube Los Angeles: Now Boarding!

Helicopter Tour at Discovery Cube Los Angeles: Now Boarding!

Take a exciting trip on the Helicopter Tour at the Discovery Cube Los Angeles.

Grab your friends and hold on tight because you are about to take a helicopter simulator ride through the Los Angeles skies - no boarding pass required! Soar over the L.A. Aqueduct, then get ready because you will also dive beneath the city to get an up-close look at the vast water system below. This adventure takes it's passengers through the water treatment showing the entire process start to finish. The Helicopter Tour exhibit really teaches young people that we can keep our water safe and sustainable for years to come, but they will need to be involved. It's more education through play for kids which is what the Discovery Cube Los Angeles specializes in! So climb aboard and get ready to learn.

Have you ever wondered what happens with our cities water and how it transforms into drinking water that comes out of our faucets? 600 million gallons of water from the Los Angeles and California Aqueducts are treated daily at the Los Angeles Filtration Plant in Sylmar, CA. Water flows into the filtration plant by gravity and is treated through several processes that disinfect it, making it safe to drink. Once the water exits the filtration plant, it is transported through underground pipes to homes and businesses where it is enjoyed as pure, clean, refreshing water from the tap.

Los Angeles residents receive water from a variety of sources. Most of the water travels from hundreds of miles away. I had no idea that over 50% of our water is from the California and the Colorado River aqueducts. With the remaining water coming from the Los Angeles aqueduct (36%), from groundwater (11%), and the last 1% is recycled water for non-drinking uses. The capture of stormwater is also being developed to expand our water sources.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is busy enhancing the local water supply by capturing stormwater, improving dams, creating new and improved spreading grounds that replenish groundwater basins, and installing water infiltration systems, like swales and permeable pavement. You can help out in the process by using a rain barrel, installing permeable pavers, using California friendly plants, and by creating a bioswale.

The city of Los Angeles receives about 15 inches of precipitation annually, this water source can drop to just 5 inches per year. That is why it's so important to teach your children about the drought and what we can all do to help out. Here are some ways that your family can conserve water: Use a high-efficiency clothes washer, installing low-flow faucet aerator, fix leaky faucets and toilets, use rotating sprinklers, install a pool cover, turning off water while brushing your teeth, and replacing your lawn with faux turf or landscape that requires little to no watering. We are all part of the solution!

Have you taken the Helicopter Tour yet?

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