Fresh Angeles: 7 Logitech Gift Ideas for Parents, Kids and Gamers

7 Logitech Gift Ideas for Parents, Kids and Gamers

Looking for tech gift ideas for everyone in the family?

There's less then two weeks until Christmas and if you're anything like me, you are probably still running around trying to find presents the for the people on your list. Logitech creates cool products for families, who knew?

Whether you're gifting for your spouse, one of your gaming tween/teens or someone who may be getting their first iPad this year. (like our youngest - Shhh!) Let me share with you some really great options sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved one.

Because everyone loves tech... Logitech!

1. Logi BLOK Protective Shell for iPad 

This is the first level of the Logitech BLOK Protective line, it's the Protective Shell that will hug your iPad like a glove and protect it like it's life depends on it. Specially made for the iPad Air 2 and all versions of the iPad Mini, so you won't have to worry as the iPad gets toted from home to car, from store to restaurant. This is the tank of iPad holders and it will cushion the blow made by drops, nicks, falls and dings. Because let's face it... life can be slippery!

2. Logi BLOK Protective Case for iPad

This is the perfect iPad case for your children. They actually call it the case that is meant to be dropped, even withstanding drops from 6 feet high! (I saw it with my own eyes.) There is nothing worse then buying an expensive electronic for your child only to have them drop it and shatter a screen or break the thing. The Logi BLOK Protective Case comes with an any-angle stand (and cover) perfect for hands-free viewing, horizontal or vertical. This is one tank of a case and it comes in vibrant color combos of teal/blue combo, red/violet or black.

3. Logi BLOK Protective Keyboard Case for iPad
The all-in-one iPad case that does everything you need it to do. When you want to type, it offers a wireless keyboard that can be used attached or detached, it also doubles as a screen cover. When you want hands-free viewing, you can pull out the any-angle stand. It can also be used as a protective shell when you are reading or browsing online. Go from reading to typing to watching a movie in a flash, perfect for the fast pace life of families. Logitech is proving that we can have functionality, style and full protection with the Logi BLOK Protective Keyboard Case for iPad.

4. Logi Circle - Home Connection Camera
This is a parents dream come true. Why does it seem like everything happens while we are gone at work? First words, first steps, first everything... This little adorably cute robot-looking camera is called Circle and it's the perfect gift for working parents, parents who travel a lot, and parents in the military. This would even make a great gift for a grandparent who doesn't get to see their grandchildren very often. Basically anyone who is away from home more then they want to be and misses the day-to-day things that go on in the house. Don't miss one more thing that happens with your kids, dogs or in your home or business! Download the app and get the portable, chargeable Circle for two-way talk and listen, live view, smart filtering, playback and daily summaries... All that and you can say goodnight to your kids too!

 If you have a gamer at home, like I do then they would love gamers tools that will up their gaming experience. Since my daughter is relatively new in the gaming world I am learning a lot. Like I didn't even know there were so many different accessories to use. This year she is all about the headphones! You will want to move into the Logitech G line of products. It's for the people who have a passion for gaming.

5. Artemis Spectrum - Gamer Headphones
Imagine surround sound gaming headphones that take your whole experience of playing into your own world. Good audio is crucial for gaming. With the G633 model, the surround sound gaming headset will work with Windows 7-8.1 PS4, or Xbox One. But the Artemis Spectrums aren't just for gaming... Listening to music is transforms into a concert hall space. Watching movies transforms into theater quality sound. This gift is for the true audiophile of the digital world. Plus they light up and change colors so with your customization can be turned into a personal expression of style. BAM!

6. Atlas Spectrum - Gaming Keyboard
It's like a light show under your fingers. Each key lights up individually and it is magic. With the G410 model you get this incredible RGB Tenkeyless Mechanical gaming keyboard. It's designed for portability and flexibility which is great for gamers on the go. It's ultra-light so my gamer can toss it in her backpack when she heads to a friend's house to play. The Atlas Spectrum is also a nice size for a desk, small enough to leave room for a lot of motion while using your mouse. Have I mentioned the lights? Yes, I did but it needs to be said again. These center-lit keys can be customized from a palette of millions of colors!

 7. Daedalus Apex - Gaming Mouse
This is what a performance edition gaming mouse should be. You can't have a killer gaming system set-up without an awesome mouse to go with it. That would be uncivilized. The G303 has a super streamlined design and my favorite part is it changes colors. Pretty! But this mouse was designed in collaboration with some of the best professional gamers in the world, with long term comfort and performance in mind. So no matter your level of skill the Daedalus Apex will only compliment your playing.

But these products aren't just for kids! Hardcore gamers, tweens, teens and adults would love any of these sweet tech gifts. Check out my friend Bernadette's husband of Bern Baby Bern Blog trying out the headphones, keyboard, and mouse. Logitech is loved by Dads too!

Which of these Logitech items are on your holiday wish list?

Disclosure: As a member of  the media, I was invited to an event hosted by Logitech and received a gift bag with products featured here. No monetary compensation was received. The thoughts and opinions shared on this blog are 100% fresh and 100% mine.


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