Fresh Angeles: 10 Fun Things To Do at Knotts Berry Farm This Summer #NewAtKnotts

10 Fun Things To Do at Knotts Berry Farm This Summer #NewAtKnotts

Going to the beach, pool days, BBQ'ing, and visiting theme parks, that's pretty much what we live for during summer vacation. It's all about spending time together in family friendly places. I love living in So Cal because we have the best of everything all within an hour drive (give or take).

One of the places on our summer bucket list to visit is Knott's Berry Farm. My family had a blast in Spring at Knott's Boysenberry Festival! We can't wait to experience all of the new attractions, shows, and dining delights just for summertime.

10 Fun Things To Do This Summer At Knott's Berry Farm:

1. Voyage to the Iron Reef
Everyone in my family is excited to try the newest attraction at Knott's! Do you think you have what it takes to become a deep sea navigator? If so, you can voyage under the Boardwalk in a four person submarine and embark on an adventure into the Iron Reef. Grab your interactive freeze ray and get busy aiming for the undersea creatures. Let the friendly competition begin. Sounds awesome right?

2. Bigfoot Rapids
A family favorite! When the weather's nice and the Southern Californian sun is beating down, we head straight for the rapids. We laugh and scream and get soaked together, it's a blast! Fresh Tip: When riding this attraction, it's best to go in the middle of the day when there's plenty of time in the heat of the day to dry off.

3. Blockbuster Beagle! ... On Ice Show
The Charles Shultz Theater is the perfect place to relax all while seeing a great show. Anytime you can see a huge beagle dancing on ice skates, you should definitely do it. This summer, Snoopy goes all "Hollywood." Lights. Camera. Action. My child may or may not have fallen asleep while watching the show in the cool dark theater. Shhhh... Please don't tell Snoopy!

4. Fireman's Brigade Barbecue
Nothing says summer like delicious Barbeque, at least that's how my husband and I feel. And when you take your family to eat at the BBQ at Knott's, you get exactly that. Finger-licking good chicken, ribs, and flank steak - don't forget the wet wipe.

5. Vertical Impact / Vertical Impact Geared Up Show
Hot music, high ariel stunts, sounds like thrilling entertainment to me. Vertical Impact is a new show for summer, so we're looking forward to seeing it. Extreme sports combining everything from trampoline stunts, BMX, skaters, dancers, and aerialists are what make this high energy show one to watch! But when the sun goes down, the fun doesn't stop, "DJ Nytemadness” keeps the party going mixing all the best of current dance music, for this high-paced, high-energy show with electrifying stunts, that defy gravity and stimulate your adrenaline. This evening version called Vertical Impact Geared Up will take you to the next level.

6. Calico Railroad
The Calico Railroad is an authentic Denver and Rio Grande Narrow Gauge train used in the early 1900s. It's been has been at Knott’s since 1952 and is still one of the most popular experiences in the Theme Park. Fresh Tip: The notorious Ghost Town bandits still hold-up every departure from the Calico Square depot, so you may want to hold little ones close that have a tendency to get easily frightened by unexpected loud noises.

7. Timber Mountain Log Ride
Another family favorite! This is one of the few rides that I will actually get on, so the kids get a big kick out of it. Plus it's a classic log ride... What's not to love? Just watch out for that last drop!!!

8. Camp Snoopy
This is usually our first stop everytime we come to Knott's. It's our youngest child's favorite place in the Park. It's no wonder with so many kiddie rides for kids just her size. She has a blast running around from ride to ride. Her favorites are the mini-rollercoaster Timberline Twister, Woodstock's Airmail, and Linus Launchers. Fresh Tip: There's great props (extra large furniture, like Lucy's "Psychiatrist Office") the perfect place for cute photo opps with the kids at the character meet and greet inside Camp Snoopy. Don't miss it.

9. Churros
My family are suckers for a churro. Whether you like them plain or filled with fruit or cream, this sugary cinnamon treat is an obsession for people in So Cal. Ask anybody who lives here, it's a real thing. Fresh Tip: Get one before you go wait in line for the next ride, it'll make your wait delicious and help keep the kids busy.

10. Charlie Brown's Happy Campers Show
I grew up with Snoopy and the entire Peanuts Gang, so I love watching my kids get to know them through new eyes. This is a new show just for summer, the kids can't wait to check out.

Summer is practically here! Our kids have 2 more weeks of school. Whoo-hoo!
We will be starting ours off with a bang (in the old west, get it) at Knott's Berry Farm. What's your favorite thing to do at Knott's in the summertime?

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Hope to see you there y'all!

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