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Our Day with Disney Interactive

Every parent knows about the Disney Parks, Disney Movies, and the Disney Store but there is one entity of Disney that sometimes gets overlooked... the Disney Interactive Media Group. Actually you may not have even heard of them unless your kid is a gamer. Or even if you have heard of them, you may not know exactly what they do.

I attended a special Halloween Bash the other night with my family hosted by Disney Interactive and found out all of the amazing things that they produce. Who knew? They have games, apps, crafts, recipes, penguins, fairies, and more! Here's a little breakdown... (You're Welcome - LOL)

Disney Family.Com & FamilyFun.Com
For the Martha Stewarts out there and even for the not-so-crafty moms and dads, Disney has a site online that can inspire you to create holiday masterpieces. Check out Disney Family.Com and Family Fun.Com. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, they've got it all. If crafting isn't your thing, maybe cooking is more up your alley. There are fabulous recipes with plenty of healthy meal choices for your family, even those with picky eaters. (I'm so there) Check out these Halloween Cupcakes sure to scare up some smiles at your house or Halloween Party.

Disney Interactive Studios
Disney Universe just launched last week, but this is the Epic Mickey of this year. This was definitely the most popular game of the event. Everyone loved playing it... Including Stitch himself! That's not the only game that is new and exciting, there's also Cars 2 The Video Game, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean the Video Game, Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension. (I think Phineas and Ferb was my daughter's favorite game, but I also think that she has a crush on Phineas - Shhh! Don't say anything.)

Disney Mobile
Now that iPhone, and iPads are the latest gaming systems for the younger generation (My 4 year old is hooked) I'm always looking for kid-friendly game apps that will make her sit still in one place long enough for me to grocery shop. Here are 2 that are sure to do that. Where's My Water App said to be the new "Angry Birds" of apps. This Crocodile Swampy is all the buzz lately. He's even got a Twitter Account and Facebook Page. And he's getting his own web series next year too! That's one Cool Croc. They also just came out with another App called Puffle Launch for the new iOS software. We haven't played yet, but any game that has launch in the title, I already know my daughter will like it.

Disney Online Studios 
There are whole virtual worlds that you may not even be aware of... I know, it's crazy right? They're full of Penguins and Fairies and you can do all sorts of cool stuff if you become a member, like a Halloween Party and an Awesome Contest.

Full Disclosure: I was not paid or compensated for this post. I was invited to an event to help facilitate my review. These opinions are 100% mine & 100% fresh!

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