Fresh Angeles: The Lion King Returns

The Lion King Returns

For the first time in years The Lion King returns to DVD, this time you can purchase it on Blu-Ray and High Definition. Hakuna Matata Baby!

It's the classic Disney tale we all know and love. A coming of age story of Simba, the lion cub who will one day be king. After suffering the loss of his father, he runs away from his family and home. Being that you can never truly run away from your problems, he eventually realizes that he must go back to his pride and claim the land back from his sinister uncle. Good triumphs over evil, and Simba becomes king of the jungle. You know, thinking back... He just couldn't wait to be King. (lol)

We got a chance to see a sneak peek of the Lion King in 3D at the D23 Expo.
It was stunning. Don't you want to see The Circle Of Life in all of it's glory.

I got all 4 of my kids together (a miracle) and asked them to talk about what they love about THE LION KING. Needless to say, this video is classic in it's own right! Here are ADAM, DEVEN, TAYLAR and KAIA doing their review of the movie.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

For more info you can go to the official website for THE LION KING.
 Or you can like the page of the LION KING Facebook.

Full Disclosure: This is not a paid post. I was given a DVD to help facilitate the review. 
These opinions are 100% ours and 100% fresh.

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