Fresh Angeles: Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Chuck E. Cheese

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Chuck E. Cheese

Everyone I know with kids goes to Chuck E. Cheese at least a few times a year. A party or two, and then the other times you take your child there just for an evening of family fun. There are a lot of good things about the (other) house of mouse. But if you're also like me you noticed there was something that wasn't quite up to par. It was the pizza. I never liked it. It was kind of like cardboard. It was my least favorite thing about going to Chuck E. Cheese... (No Offense Chuck)

Well that has ALL changed. The chefs in Chuck E.'s kitchen have been hard at work cooking up a new recipe and it is finally here. Their pizza got a makeover and now it is delicious. (It kind of reminds me of Shakey's Pizza, which my family loves!) The dough is yummy. It has medium thick crust. Just the right amount of crispness. (Is that even a word) They put the perfect amount of cheese on it, 100% real mozzarella. It tasted really fresh. I am excited that I can finally order a pizza at Chuck E. Cheese and enjoy it. Yay!

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Here is my Top Ten List of Why I Love Chuck E. Cheese:

10. Family Deals 
Go online HERE and sign up for the Email Club for coupons, birthday prizes, and kid's activities & games.

9. The Ticket Blaster
Where the Birthday Kid can get a chance to win extra tickets and prizes. 

8. Studio C & Variety of Shows -
Studio C, where a kid can be a star. Also they play familiar shows on "CTV" like Wow Wow Wubzy and Veggie Tales. (Some of my daughter's favorites)

7. Beverages -
They have more soda choices than most restaurants! They even have Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi and Gatorade. (2 of our favorite beverage choices)

6. Food Choices - 
 They other food that they serve like their salad bar (which I get every time we go there) and Wings. (which my husband gets every time we go there)

5. Chuck E. Live - 
The man himself makes an appearance every 30 minutes for the kids to meet and greet and dance with. It's pretty fun.

4. Skee Ball - 
Everyone's favorite carnival game, young and old. I must play a few rounds each time I go.

3. Beer - 
It seems as though they know what to serve to keep the parents happy. Enough Said.

2. Tokens -
Every game in the place only costs 1 token. Brilliant move.

1. The NEW Pizza - 
It really is good. You should try it for yourself and see. (Don't forget to sign up for their online deals, they totally save you a lot of money)

Chuck E. Cheese, "Where a kid can be a kid" and... where a parent can have fun too, relax with a nice cold beer, enjoy some delicious pizza & play some skeeball."  EVERYBODY WINS!!!

Full Disclosure: I was not paid or compensated  for this post.  I was invited to try the new pizza and given a gift certificate to purchase food and help facilitate my review.  The original thoughts expressed on this blog are 100% mine and 100% fresh just like their new pizza.