Fresh Angeles: D23 Expo Recap: In Photos

D23 Expo Recap: In Photos

Remember how I was telling you about becoming a new member of D23 Disney's Ultimate Fan Club? Well this past weekend was the D23 Expo, the event that Disney puts on in appreciation of the fans. Let me just say that it was a whirlwind for me! I went and stayed down at my sisters house for 3 days and 3 nights alone with out my husband or kids. (That's a HUGE deal, because it's the first time I'd been away from Kaia overnight.) Since we have just launched our new site DISNEY SISTERS we thought it was only right that we officially launch it at a Disney Event! And this was THE Disney event not to be missed!

So I will be posting some of the photographic highlights here, but for more in depth coverage, interviews, videos & more photos (yes, we interviewed DAVID ARQUETTE) go to DISNEY SISTERS.  BTW have you like us yet on FACEBOOK? Also go follow us on TWITTER too. C'mon it'll be fun!

Here's the some of the highlights in a slideshow for your viewing pleasure:

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