Fresh Angeles: Mother's Day Weekend Recap

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

We had a really nice Mother's Day Weekend together. When I told Kaia it was Mother's Day, she just kept calling it "Special Holiday Day." What a smart girl. There is nothing more special than a Mom.
I hope that all of you Mother's had the best Special Holiday Day ever.
You deserve it!

We went to a Birthday Party. 

We went out to eat (a few times) and enjoyed an ice cream sundae.

Went to our Friends house for the Fight Night. (I wish Sugar Shane would've won) And I got to hang with some of my very BEST Girlfriends!!!

We took a walk & Kaia picked me a bouquet. 
(Why she insisted on wearing her dad's shirt, is beyond me - But who am I to try & hinder her fashion, style & creativity...) 

I definitely got some quality time in with my little girl. The one who made me into a mother 3 years ago. The one who I will forever be grateful for. The one who I love to the moon and back.

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