Fresh Angeles: MNO: Happy Birthday To Me

MNO: Happy Birthday To Me

About every other week or so, my 2 girlfriends and I try & get together to get a little "US" time.
We call it our Mommies Night Out. We all used to live in the same condo. We all have daughters about the same age. They are all little mixed chicks. And our husbands are all friends as well. (They do Daddies Night out. - Biters) 

(Yes we are the poster children for the United Colors of Benetton Ad)

This past week was no different. Except this time we had cake... cheesecake! Ooh, and Margaritas! For my Birthday... Hooray! I am very grateful to have such caring people my life. We support each other thru all of life's challenges & toast to all of life's successes. I'm glad that we have continued going out as often as we do. Because when life gets crazy busy (when is it not) as a wife, mother, and woman we need to make time for ourselves. Thanks Ladies! You rock my world!

Do It... Grab Your Best Girlfriend(s)... Go Out Tonight... You'll be so glad you did...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Following back from Mommy's Peanut Gallery :)

Sommer said...

Happy birthday!!!!!

How lovely to have supportive amazing life-long friends. I sorely need a mommies night out...someday :)

bernbabybern said...

I look forward to MANY more Jess! I imagine we'll be 80 and using our walkers to get over to our Cheesecake Factory booth and turning up our hearing aids at the Arclight! Ha ha! So lucky to have such amazing life-long friends in you and T! Muah!!! =0)

"T" said...

Yes! Our MNO's are awesome blossom! I love them, and I love talking to you ladies about all life has to offer! I think our last MNO, we indulged on CPK. I love you both inspire me to follow what I am passionate aobut (writing, if only I would just DO IT! Lets keep MNO going strong!!!! :)

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