Fresh Angeles: Halloween Memories

Halloween Memories

This is what Halloweekend looked like at our house. 
Wigs, Make-Up, Cat Ears, Dog Ears, Jack-o-lanterns, and the Great Pumpkin.
We had a great time, made so many memories and hoped you did too.
I really can't believe it's over, and it's already November 1st.
Time just keeps flying by...

This is the door outside of my work - Cute pumpkins
Cute Halloween House in the neighborhood
Friends don't let friends wear a pumpkin wig
My mom with her "Marilyn" wig
No Halloween is complete without watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
Here's the Halloweenie Dog. With those ears, who needs a costume
She LOVED her cat ears, bow tie, and tail
It's hard to wait all day until you can go out trick-or-treating
Here was my make-up for Halloween, inspired by Sally


traceyclark said...

awesome pix girl! just awesome!

Sommer said...

Looks like an awesome weekend! HILARIOUS that our girls were cats hahaha too funny! Great pics to capture the Halloween spirit!