Fresh Angeles: I Played PROJECT NATAL... And LOVED it!!!

I Played PROJECT NATAL... And LOVED it!!!

(Check out me & my new BFF Jessica Lange on the 1s & 2s.
We are Rockin' it... No?)

I went to a Special Event at an Art Gallery this week.
But it wasn't to look at art.

It was to get a sneak peak at PROJECT NATAL the newest, hottest thing in gaming coming out this Holiday Season.
Now normally, I bring my kids to these types of events, but every now & then parents need to step out alone to P-A-R-T-Y!!!

So there we were, my husband & I. Hanging out, eating appetizers, sippin' on some drinks, playin' the Project Natal. There was a DJ & it was held at a really rad spot.
We felt like we did when we were just dating again. Young & carefree!
OK, I really need to get out more...

Let me just say that this game is SO SWEET. I actually BECAME the controller. Me, Myself & I. My whole body was read by the system & I became the person inside of the game. It actually followed every move I made! Even when I did the robot, guess what it did???? THE ROBOT!!! Cool, Right?

Their mission is to "Change Living Rooms Forever". Well, I say Mission Accomplished! It gives you a real workout too. I was sweating just by playing a game or 2. So my next task is to get an XBOX 360 for the family. Can't believe we don't have one yet! (Embarrassing) And you should too, becuz this Amazing thing is coming out just in time for the holiday season. Woot! And I know my kids are gonna ask for it. Shoot, I know my husband is gonna ask for it.

* Thank You to my XBox Peeps. Thanks for inviting us to your SUPER-FUN PARTY! Also Thank you for giving us a Flip Camera of our very own, so that we could share all of our Cool Project Natal Videos with our Readers.* We hope to get invited back for many more Good Times.* THANK YOU JESSICA! THANK YOU CHRYSTINA! It was an honor to make your acquaintance!

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Becky SIlke said...

That looked so fun, next time I want to go WITH YOU! Excited to see/hear more about Project Natal!

Unknown said...

Looks like u guys really had a blast! Can't wait 4 Project Natal to release! I'm thinking XBOX Party @ the house!!!

Unknown said...

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