Fresh Angeles: Hair Boot Camp w/ Got Milk?

Hair Boot Camp w/ Got Milk?

Having long hair can be a challenge... I know because I've pretty much had it all of my life. I like the way it looks. And I think it's the best look on me. I know how important it is to take care of it. I know how health comes from the inside out. So what you eat & drink is just as important as any fancy shampoos & conditioners that you may use. (Hence why MILK would do an event at a Beauty Salon... It ALL ties in (Aha Moment! lol.)

So having all of this hair for all of this time, I think I've got a pretty good idea on how to do it. One thing however that I haven't mastered is the "BLOW-DRY" I have actually wanted to go to Beauty School for awhile now... Not to become a hair-dresser, but to learn how to do that "Thing" that they do.

Thankfully I have friends in cool places! My Girls at Toma Leche? (Shot Out to Angelina, Elizabeth & Tatum) were putting on an event at a local salon in West Hollywood. But these aren't your average friends, and this wasn't your average Hair Salon...

We underwent HAIR BOOT CAMP at POINT DE VUE Salon & I actually survived! Sounds Scary doesn't it? It was a little intimidating, but we had a master leading the way... A-List Celebrity Stylist , Muriel. We got to hang with Muriel, her husband & a few of the stylists that work at the salon. (Shot out to Betsy & Janice) They also treated us to scalp massages & eyebrow waxing. So it was a much needed pampering session for this mama! Thank you to everyone who had a hand in the day!
I'm just so glad that my family was there to share it with me. (Shot out to Tracey, Becky & Shelley)
I have learned the "secrets"of the BlowDry, at HAIR BOOT CAMP... now I just need to go home & practice the new techniques.
Wish me luck!

Here are some of the photos from the event! Enjoy!

(Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post. I was invited to an event & I did receive a gift bag.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Glam Girl! Love this post. There's just something about the words Beauty Salon that makes your girly heart beat a little faster.
You just know when you enter magical things will happen and you will never be the same again.

Thanks to all the Got Milk
Moo Crew and Merci to Point De Vue
for a lovely time.

Xavier said...

Hey thank you so much for the great review..
We had a blast too, you girls (and mum) were awesome..

Looking forward to see you again..