Fresh Angeles: Building Strong Families With Milk!

Building Strong Families With Milk!

I think as a mother, one of the main goals that we all have in common is our desire to raise healthy children. So when I got called to learn more about BUILDING STRONG FAMILIES with some help from an old friend. I knew it was a priority. I've got 4 children & the amount of food & beverages we go through in my house would shock most people. Add in the fact that 2 are teenage boys & you get an idea of my pain. LOL. We drink MILK, lots & lots of MILK. It's one of those things that as a mom, is a no-brainer. I know MILK is good for my kids, & I feel good about always having it available in my home. My toddler even calls it her "Special Milk". And actually it really is special. "Milk offers more nutrition in every glass for your dollar than virtually any other beverage." That is like music to my mommy-on-a-budget ears.

The newest Celebrity to "Sport the Stash" is new mother REBECCA ROMIJN. (Who is even more stunning in person, if that's even possible.) She attended this very SPECIAL EVENT at the W HOTEL In Los Angeles to promote the new campaign GREAT GALLON GIVE. Crossing the country to give away hundreds of thousands of gallons of free milk (more than 3 million servings!) to celebrate moms and help raise awareness of the important role milk plays in building strong families. My family got 2! (I think they took one look at the size of my boys & took pity on me!)

So thank you to the Got Milk? people for taking the time out & really listening to us moms.
For treating us to a good time, where our family bonded over a healthy meal & fun winter activity.
For stocking our refridgerators.
For understanding how important it is to provide nutrition to our most precious possessions.
For also realizing how in this economy, we need things to be affordable.

Wanna know how, you can help other Moms build Strong Families too?
For every virtual gallon of MILK passed on FACEBOOK $1 will go to FEEDING AMERICA to help families in need.

And to get your own FREE GALLON of MILK, & even the chance to win FREE MILK for a year!

Want more Milk Stories, Go to HAPPY HOUR MOM, BERN-BABY-BERN & MOTHER MAY I to see how other mothers are partnering with MILK.

PASS THE MILK, PASS THE GALLON! And let's help build Strong Families together!


Anonymous said...

love your post and pixs!thanks to the lovely milk people for all the fun and games but especially for the chance to share some quality time with my girls and grandchildren! Oh, and the "Got Milk Mustache" Picture is a classic!! Here's a milk toast to my grandmother and mother who gave us our love of all things milk! xox mom

Awesome Girl said...

That was such a fun event♥