Fresh Angeles: The Circus Made Me Become A Kid Again!

The Circus Made Me Become A Kid Again!

"It was better than I remember it!"
That is what I've been telling my family & friends about the CIRCUS.

My family & I got a chance to go to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus last Wednesday, which happened to be Opening Night at the Staples Center. My husband, my teen, 2 tweens & a toddler all enjoyed a quality night of family entertainment. Which is surprisingly hard to do considering the vast age gap of our kids.

Our youngest did pretty good, considering that she is only 22 months. She never got scared or anything like that. The hardest part was trying to keep her from wanting to walk up & down the Staples Center stairs all night! She did throw one loud temper tantrum in the lobby at intermission, (SWEET) when she thought I was trying to control her juice intake. She likes to hold her own cup, & if she thinks I am helping her, by holding that cup, she FAH-REAKS OUT!!!! Well, she freaked out... NICE! But after 10 excruciating minutes of screaming & a $20 snow-cone in a elephant mug later, she was fine... That and a $22 dollar whirlygig light-up toy. Ahhhh, the price we pay for silence is deafening!

My favorite parts were with the animals... The Elephants, horses, dogs (smart pet tricks), zebras (strikingly beautiful, BTW) & tigers (who I'm sure were about to attack their trainer at any minute)...
The Elephants being the true highlight of my night!
I love it how they hold each other tails with their trunks, SOOOO CUTE!!!

My husband liked how they made the 4-ton Elephant Asia, disappear...
Also where they transformed a clown into a white tiger all while being suspended in the air! Amazing!!

My oldest daughter now wants to run off & join the CIRCUS.
My sons have been asking, "How much money do you think people who work in the Circus make?"
Basically we are all still in awe of the magical show that Ringling Bros. put on....
When The Circus Came To Town!

With the help of a very special person: Jennifer Petro-Becker this evening was made possible! Thank you for the memories!

As you can see my family all graduated from "Clown College" at the top of their class!!

Let me also mention the Center for Elephant Conservation that Ringling Bros. have opened up. It is to save the Asian Elephant from becoming extinct, and "will ensure that people will be able to experience the joy and wonder of Asian elephants up close and personal for generations to come."

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traceyclark said...

i cannot wait to go now! thanks for the intro jessica!