Fresh Angeles: What Will You Celebrate?

What Will You Celebrate?

So far this year we have celebrated many events...
But for some of the more special events, we have a tradition of celebrating in very magical place!!

I'm talking about Disneyland!!! (As if you didn't know!)

This year we have gone for 3 Birthdays, Mother's Day & a Graduation! (WOW! And the year is only half way over! LOL!)

We have had a BLAST!!
But now things are getting even more exciting at The Magic Kingdom...
Who thought that was even possible??

Here are some of the things included in SUMMER NIGHTASTIC!
A Bolder Fantasmic Show, new floats were added to "Disney's Electrical Parade", & for my teens/tweens a new dance club "Ignites The Night" in Tomorrowland!

(Photo by Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland)

But I am most excited about "Magical" the new Disney fireworks show!! The familiar image of Tinker Bell lights up the show, only this time she's joined by a surprising Disney character, Dumbo the flying elephant, who dances across the night sky.

(Photo by Scott Brinegar/Disneyland)

They have also re-launched their News Web Site with great new features and downloadable video, so go check it out!

Disney is now the Twitteriest Place On Earth. I am following them on Twitter, along with over 6,000 other Disney Fans! Make sure you do the same!

So I ask you again...
"What Will You Celebrate?"