Fresh Angeles: Congrats Graduate! (BSM)

Congrats Graduate! (BSM)

Well it's official...
I am now the parent of a high school student!
That's Scary!

Where has the time gone?

When I met this little guy, he was only 3 years old & now he is 14.
He has grown into a man in front of my very eyes, well almost a man....
Okay, a young man.
And I am proud to call him my stepson.

He is strong & sensitive. Thoughtful, smart, handsome, well-spoken and now...... A FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!

Congrats D...

You are AMAZING & I look forward to the next 4 years of your journey...
Thanks for letting me hang with you along the way!
Let's face the new challenges & triumphs together...

CRESPI BOUND!!!! Whooo Hooo!!!

Though not exactly artistic work this week for my BEST SHOT MONDAY, anyone who is raising a teenager knows that it is an art form! A very proud moment that deserved the title BEST SHOT & even one of my BEST MEMORIES!!


Christina said...

Congrats to him, and to YOU too! He sounds like an incredible young man, and that's largely due to you!

Dawn said...

Yay! Congrats! Love all the shots of family, what a special time~

Have a wonderful week!


Megan said...

love that last shot -- how proud you must be!

Maggie said...

Congratulations to the whole family! What great shots of the whole family -- definitely a reason to be proud!

mandaroo63 said...

Congratulations to your son! Great family shots.

Cara said...

Beautiful children. You must be so proud, he sound like a wonderful young man. I can't even imagine my babies in high school but I know the time will fly by.

HipMomma said...

My girls are still in elem. but I know that moving up to high school is huge! Congrats to him. Lovely shots to remember the day.

Never That Easy said...

Congratulations to you all ~ it's certainly a great accomplishment, and you should be so proud. And it's a great shot, one you'll always be glad you captured.

Melissa G said...

Proud moment indeed! Congratulations to you all. The smile on his face definitely is a best shot.

Joanna said...

Congratulations to him and you. Its a great accomplishment. Love that last picture. Its so sweet.

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