Fresh Angeles: National Mom's Nite Out

National Mom's Nite Out

Last Thursday May 7th, 2009 was a very special day for myself as well as Mother's all over the country!! It was (the first ever) National Mom's Nite Out!!! Being that I live in Los Angeles, I got to attend the one in, you guessed it, L.A.!! I saw this as a great opportunity to get out of the house, hang with some new faces. New adult faces! Which is a BIG deal to a SAHM/WAHM. I can't wait until next year!!! FYI: I heard about this exciting night on Twittermoms, which has been my new favorite site, as of late.

So, I got dressed up, grabbed a girlfriend, brought diapers (for a good cause), hopped into the car & drove to The Mint in LA. Upon arrival I got a drink, ate some goodies, met, chatted & networked. I laughed & commiserated, Blogged, Tweeted & Facebooked all about what a fun time it was!!!

There is something empowering & intimidating about being in a room, or a dimly lit club with a bunch of kick-ass Mom Bloggers.
Some of the Cool Moms who attended:
Twittermoms, Megan Calhoun.
The Go-To Mom, Kimberley Clayton Blaine. (She was our lovely MC)
Truu Confessions, Romi Lassally., Mallika Chopra.
White Trash Mom
The Smart Mama.
Bizzie Mommy
Rockin' Mama
And the main sponsor for the evening was The Pump Station.

Some of the Highlights of the night for me:
I won the first raffle prize of the evening, a Book The Ultimate Mom by Maria Bailey.
The swag bag of goodies that we got to take home at the end of the night!
The Cupcakes!

Lowlight of the night for me:
After speaking with a woman for a short period of time, later in the night, she comes up to me & says... "I didn't know you were expecting!"
BTW... I'M NOT!!!!! Ouch!
Have another cupcake, preggers!!

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traceyclark said...

dude, you won?? awesome. so sad I couldn't be there!