Fresh Angeles: My Uncounted VOTE : (

My Uncounted VOTE : (

I am sorry to report that I DID NOT get a chance to get to the polls today.
I feel guilty & very unAmerican admitting this!
But in my own defense, I have a very good reason.
My 14 month old babygirl got struck down with her very first full fledged, coming out of both ends, stomach flu!
So needless to say, despite my own longing to get into that little voting booth,
I was unable to go. Up to my ankles in YUCK!! Poor Girl!!
Atleast my husband went & represented the family!
And I was SO LOOKING FORWARD TO let my voice be heard on so many issues from the President (OBAMA) to Prop 8 (NO) & Prop 2 (YES), etc...

But I am thrilled to say that atleast on matter of the PRESIDENT,
as an international friend of mine said "AT LAST AMERICA HAS FINALLY DONE THE RIGHT THING!!!"

I like my Presidents, how I like my children.... 1/2 Black & 1/2 White!!! LOL...

Congrats Barack & Michelle.
Our country will NEVER be the same!

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