Fresh Angeles: Happy 10th Birthday Taylar Rose!!

Happy 10th Birthday Taylar Rose!!

To my favorite shadow on her birthday...
Although I did not birth you myself,
I couldn't possibly LOVE you any more than I do.
You were, are & always will be my first daughter.
We've been together since you were a few months old
& we've been inseparable ever since.
I cherish our close relationship &
I pray we will always be able to talk, laugh, share with one another our hearts.
Thank you for being you, & allowing me into your magical world.
I LOVE YOU, babygirl....
Your Jessie


tracey clark said...

sniff sniff. that is the sweeeetest thing ever. and that shot is gorgeous.
happy birthday beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I hope she had a wonderful birthday.